Nail Surgery After-Care Advice

How to look after your toe post surgery

Nail surgery after-care advice

1) It is normal to have slight discharge following on from nail surgery. However, clinical signs of post-operative infection include Redness, Swelling, foul smelling discharge that might be a strong yellow or Green colour. Please report any concerns immediately to your Podiatrist or contact your GP. If you feel systemically unwell you will need urgent medical attention immediately

2) Please shower with your dressing in place and if possible and safe to do so keep the dressing as dry as possible. All your dressings will provided at the time of your follow-up redressing appointment.

3) After your shower, place your whole foot in a warm salt water foot bath (7-10 heaped teaspoons of ordinary table salt is fine) for no longer than 10 minutes- please always ensure that the water is not boiling hot

4) Place your foot on a clean towel and dry the toe(s) with a hair dryer. Please note that is very important that none sterile towels are NOT applied to the toe. There is evidence to suggest that rubbing the toe can delay healing, so this is why the hair dryer works best.

5) Please be very careful and ensure that you do not touch or drop the side of the dressing that will be applied directly to the wound/toe and apply tape to secure the dressing in place (please make sure the tip of the toe is completely covered and secured at all times.

6) Change dressings daily unless advised otherwise by your Podiatrist

7) Keep a daily picture dairy of the healing toe(s) and if requested send a picture to your Podiatrist if there are any concerns

8) Please ensure that you attend your 1 week follow up appointment and report any concerns immediately