Can I breast Feed After Nail Surgery?

What is Nail Surgery?

Nail surgery is the removal of part or all of the nail due to an ingrown toe nail with the use of a local anaesthetic and or phenol.

For this procedure to take place an anaesthetic needs to be administered to numb the toe.

To prevent the nail from growing back and the problem recurring a chemical named Phenol is used on the nail bed. At the Herts Wellness Centre our Podiatrists are only able to provide a permanent treatment options unless phenol is contraindicated. in this instance it is important to note that the nail will re-grow and possibly become problematic again.

local anaesthetics in Pregnancy

There is insufficient research with regards to the use of a local anaesthesia in pregnant women. There is currently no clinical evidence that local anaesthetics cause birth defects when used for emergency surgery in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is therefore recommended that the administration of Local anaesthetics during pregnancy is avoided within the 1st 12 weeks of pregnancy and conservative treatment provided instead. If the ingrown toe nail is so severe that nail surgery is indicated urgently, the podiatrist will avoid administering the LA during the first trimester and refer you to your GP for an onward referral, if the procedure is not urgent we recommend conservative professional nail cutting until later in the pregnancy (please note that this is only considered for extremely problematic ingrowing toe nails) we always recommend nail surgery is considered after the birth of your baby.

Local Analgesia in Breast Feeding

Various drugs are excreted through breast milk, although it is not known if Local anaesthetic is present in human milk. we advise our patients contact their Midwife/Health Visitor, so that alternative feeding arrangements can be made for 30 hours following the administration of the Local anaesthetic. However, unless the surgery is urgently required, the patient should be advised to wait until she is no longer breast feeding.

Phenol in Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

There is no clinical evidence that phenol applied during nail surgery is / is not absorbed into the body beyond the tissues local to the application. It is suggested that, unless the surgery is urgent, the patient waits until the birth of her baby and/or is no longer breast feeding. If nail surgery is urgent phenol must not and will not be used

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