Routine Foot Clinic

15 minute Monday`s

15 minutes to healthy and comfortable feet

We recently carried out a survey and many of our clients fed back to us that they are leading very busy lives and it would be wonderful if they could book an appointment that only addresses their specific needs e.g many of our clients have healthy feet but develop one problematic corn and do not require a full appointment with our Podiatrist or due to poor eye sight, mobility issues, back pain or Type Diabetes simply need their toe nails cut or in some instances taught how to correctly manage their own nails to prevent ingrowing toe nails or fungal nail infections.

Based on the demand for this service we have listened to our valued customers and will be running a routine foot clinic each Monday 9am-5pm. At your appointment your nails will be cut and filed with foot care advice given by a qualified podiatrist/chiropodist or our resident foot care assistant Sara who is supervised and trained by the owner and Podiatrist Ashleigh. the appointments are 15mins long and cost £20.00 and if you require a longer appointment this will be discussed with you based on your needs. Please note that these appointments are designed to address one foot ailment such as nail cutting. if you require your callus to be removed and corns or verruca treatment please be aware that for this to be carried out safely and effectively you will need to book a 30 minute-1 hour appointment with the Podiatrist/chiropodist.

Please be aware that eligibility for our 15 minute routine clinic, an initial assessment will be carried out, so the Podiatrist can assess your risk status and Podiatry needs, treatment will be carried out at this appointment and your suitability for the service discussed. This is to ensure you as the patient receive the best possible care and the Podiatrist or foot care assistant is able to carry out her duties in a safe way that meets with HCPC and SOCAP regulations. for further information please contact us and we will be happy to address any questions you may have.