Diaped Duosoft Flow Insoles


Designed for people with Diabetes, Arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet. The unique design of Duosoft Flow insoles® when combined with a contoured insole has been shown help to promote blood flow by gently caressing the feet during ambulation².

Indications and when to use:

● Insensate feet – absent sensation.
● Help protect against ulcer formation.
● Arthritic foot conditions.
● Metatarsalgia.
● Plantar Fasciitis.
● Neuropathy.
● Morton's Neuralgia.
● Tired and fatigued feet.

Universal sizing - cut to fit.
Each pack comes with cut-to-size sizing chart.

How they work

Blood that flows through the body is responsible for transporting essential nutrients and oxygen to the tissues
and cells of the body, in particularly to the foot. When blood flow becomes reduced due to external stresses
and pressures, the delivery of these essential elements is affected.

Gentle caressing of the foot may be beneficial as it aids the blood to flow.

The Peripheral Venous Pump effect

Studies² state that during ambulation (or walking)induced natural compression of the plantar surface of the foot stimulates a the plantar peripheral venous pump in the foot, which in turn pushes blood to the posterior tibial veins in of the leg foot.

Duosoft Flow insoles when combined with a contoured insole provide an enhanced massaging action upon the plantar surface of the foot assisting the efficiency of the venous pump thus reducing the potential for venous stasis and in turn improve blood flow in the foot².

Ground reaction forces upon weight bearing ‘pushes’ the gel cells into the soft tissues overlying the Peripheral Plantar venous pump, hence promoting improved blood flow.

Improved Oxygen Saturation

Trials have suggested that Duosoft Flow insoles maintained SpO2 oxygen saturation levels four times better than the standard therapeutic insoles. It is accepted by Diabetic Foot specialists that enhancing tissue oxygenation protects against tissue breakdown, hence preventing ulcers, sores and calluses.


Price: £35.00


Additional Information

The Duosoft Flow’s design combines the latest gel technology with the tried and trusted qualities of Medical Grade PORON 96.