Roberta Duman


The link between disease and our lifestyles and diet is well proven.

As a nation we are becoming increasingly sick and our lifestyles are diets are contributory factors to many underlying chronic health conditions.

The good news is that you can take control of your own well being by making changes to your diet. If like most people you are confused and concerned by the daily bombardment from media telling us what the latest fad diet is, what we should eat, when and why, then I can help you navigate your way to take back control of your personal health and wellbeing.

I will suggest ways for you to cut through the confusion and offer research based nutritional therapies to help you, whatever the issue. Nutrition and wellness is truly simple to understand and implement with a little help and devotion it can truly enhance your life and in turn equip you with powerful information that you can implement for your own health journey.

Remember Little Changes Change Everything.