Lisa Lindfield

Massage therapist

Holistic massage benefits the mind, body and spirit.

Massage relaxes taut muscles, aids lympathic drainage, releases toxins and benefits the "whole" in many other positive ways. Physical and emotional stress can be reduced through therapeutic touch and a myriad of other restrictive problems can also be alleviated.

Daily life impacts on our body in many ways. Although we can easily become tired, stressed, anxious and exhausted we seldom create the space to explore the therapeutic form of beneficial relaxation. Holistic massage can create instant improvement in the quality of sleep and concentration, improve circulation and waste removal and encourage deeper, more relaxed breathing, and is an accessible treatment for all ages.


Wonderfully relaxing, Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. It involves a massage to the head, face, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands that relieves tension in the muscles; it can be relaxing, stimulating and invigorating.


An Indian Head Massage may prove beneficial by:

Relieving built up tension that can often result in headaches, migraines, neck and back pain..

Detoxifying the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage

Boosting overall immunity

Improving circulation, which in turn increases energy levels.

Promoting clarity and increased concentration.

Soothes symptoms of asthma by calming the respiratory system.

Relieves Mandibular Joint Tension.

Increases muscle tone.

Relieves symptoms of sinusitis.

Boosts cerebral spinal fluid circulation.

Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia.

An Indian Head massage may also improve overall mental health by:

Relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression

Providing relief from stress and promotes relaxation

Improving concentration levels

Renewing energy levels

Increasing feelings of peace, calm and well being.

Boosting memory capabilities


On-Site or Seated Acupressure Massage is a health maintenance massage designed to improve circulation and facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body using a highly structured form of massage, resulting in maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.

Seated acupressure is based on a traditional form of Japanese massage called ANMA. It was first introduced to Japan approximately 1500 years ago from China. ANMA is Japanese literally for “press and rub” – hence “massage”.


Providing a sense of well being.

Encouraging a state of alert relaxation.

Providing relief from chronic neck & shoulder stiffness.

Relieving tense aching muscles.

Breaking down fibrous adhesions (knots & nodules).

Dispersing toxins from tense knotted muscles.

Stretching cramped tendons and ligaments.

Increasing oxygen uptake in tissues.

Improving circulation of blood supply in previously congested muscles.

Providing extra oxygen to the brain.

Stimulating the lymphatic system.

Smoothing and balancing the nervous system.

Helping with mental tiredness and emotional stress.

Lowering or normalising the pulse count.

Improving concentration.

Providing an immediate stress buster.

And, if utilised regularly can help prevent minor conditions developing into more serious illness.


Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the feet and also lower legs. Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and involves hands on massage, stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Chinese massage, incorporated into the treatment.


Improves circulation in feet and legs

Improves lymphatic drainage

A boost for the immune system

Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility

Encorages physical healing

Stress relief

Improves sleep

Lifts your mood

Improves concentration and clarity of mind


Natural Face lift Massage involves a sequence of massage techniques which act as a natural facelift with no need for surgery, helping you to look and often feel younger. Many people suffer facial tension which builds up in the facial muscles causing puffiness, lines and wrinkles.


Natural Face Lift Massage can help to:

Improve Skin suppleness

Can help to reduce expression lines and wrinkles

Reduce and release any muscle tension in the face and jaw.

Relieve stress symptoms

Tones and helps to tighten the skin and underlying muscle

Aid lymphatic circulation, increasing the elimination of toxins and the supply of nutrients to the cells

Maintain a fresh, youthful appearance

Enhance mental and physical relaxation


Hopi Ear Candles are hollow tubes made of cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey and herbs. When lit, the candle acts like a chimney, causing the warm air inside it to rise and creating a vacuum at the bottom. This vacuum gently stimulates the ear, facilitating removal of excess wax and impurities.


The benefits of Hopi ear candles include...

Ear or sinus problems including Sinusitis.

Irritations in the nose – Rhinitis.

Soothing effects for over irritability and stress related symptoms.

Noises and ringing in the ears – Tinitis

Build up of earwax.

Revitalisation for certain hearing impairments.

Pressure regulation for conditions such as: – headaches, migraines, sinusitis and Rhinitis.

Circulatory problems in the ear.

Local stimulation to lymph flow and local metabolism.

Stimulation of energy circulation.


A complementary blend of reflexology, acupressure and massage techniques that reduce tension and offer tremendous health benefits. The hand, arm, leg and feet massage helps to reduce stress whilst stimulating the body to cleanse itself of impurities and toxins.


Furthermore it is soothing, refreshing and revitalizes energy levels. The legs and hips are loosened with stretches and hip rotations.

Fanning massage movements with thumbs over the sole of the foot and toes.

Effleurage massage over the legs and feet, a lovely routine that can be used all together or individually. The movements are adaptable and ideal for treating the elderly.