LCN Toenail Reconstruction

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LCN Wilde-Pedique Toe Nail Reconstruction, or aesthetic toenail correction is a simple and painless process which replaces missing or damaged toenails, improving the overall appearance of your feet even in the presence of fungus. The gel also contains Piroctone Olamine and colloidal micro silver which may kill the fungus within the nail

At The Herts Wellness Centre, toenail reconstruction is carried out by experienced Podiatrists , using specialist resins that contain anti-fungal properties helping to prevent the spead of the fungus to other toenails.

This fungal-resistant resin is layered directly onto the nail bed so even if no nail is present, we are able to create a new nail, or placed on top of existing or damaged nails. Your can continue with topical anti-fungal preparations with LCN Wilde-Pedique reconstructed nails and unlike other gels or acrylic nails this product will not damage the natural nail as it regrows.

An effective and cosmetically enhancing treatment for unsightly, fungal or partially missing toe nails. The cosmetic benefits are obvious but there are medical benefits too.

Runners, long distance walkers and many other sportsmen and women often suffer nail damage during events. This treatment is also ideal for those with thickened, discoloured and deformed nails, or partially missing nails due to nail surgery or nails that have had partial regrowth following nail surgery.

Nail Reconstruction

Fungal nail sufferers can also benefit from applying a LCN prosthetic nail to the damaged nail. This not only protects the exposed nail bed, it prevents further damage to the nail, and encourages straight and correct growth of the new nail, helping to prevent ingrowing toe nails. This treatment can be used in conjunction with fungal nail treatments or over the counter treatments