Vascular and Neurological Assessment

Neurovascular Assessments

During a neurological assessment a variety of tests are employed to examine the nervous system. Podiatrists and Chiropodists use neurological assessments via a 10g monofilament to evaluate any loss of sensation, muscle weakness, pain or lack of coordination. The tests are all non-invasive and painless. These are effective preliminary examinations which are used to modify treatment plans or organise referrals.

Vascular Assessments

Vascular stone

Vascular assessments are used to assess the amount of blood that reaches the feet. As the feet are the part of the body that is the furthest away from the heart, it is a strong indicator of complications in the arteries or veins.

Blood flow to the feet should also be monitored as blood supply is essential for the healing of injuries. If injuries take a prolonged period to heal then the client is predisposed to more pain, higher probability of infection and foot ulceration.

These vascular assessments are performed utilising a number of diagnostic tests including a non-invasive ultrasound Doppler.