Ashleigh O'Connell BSc(Hons) MCHs

Managing Director and Owner

Podiatrist and Chiropodist, Ashleigh is a HCPC state registered qualified podiatrist with a particular interest in nail surgery and diabetic wound care. Ashleigh trained at the University of East London, gaining a degree in Podiatric medicine BsC(hons). Ashleigh is also proud to be one of the Finalists in 2017 Best Business Women Awards in two categories.


I grew up in Zimbabwe and have been living in the UK for the last 14 years and consider it home, albeit I do miss the African weather and night sky's. I live with my loving partner Steve and my gorgeous chocolate Labrador Harley who is the apple of my eye.

Before training to become a Podiatrist, as a teenager I would tend to my elderly father`s feet. He suffered from very hard skin which was painful to walk on and he often said after his hard skin was filed down and feet soaked, he felt as if he was "walking on air". Overall his quality of life improved and that was when I first took an interest in foot care.

I have been involved in providing health care since the age of 18, I have worked as a carer and in the capacity of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) so to date i have over 15 years experience in providing health care albeit in various roles. Since qualifying as a podiatrist I have worked both within the NHS and private sector and have gained a broad range of experience of the conditions that can affect the lower limb.

My own heart problem was diagnosed by a Podiatrist who I went to see for an ingrowing toe nail. As part of her initial assessment she carried out a vascular test with the use of a Doppler. I was consequently referred to my GP due to abnormalities detected with my circulation. My GP agreed this needed to be investigated further, I was then referred on to the vascular department.

2016 has been a successful year for the Herts Wellness Centre and I am very thankful to my clients for their loyalty who have supported my business and also feel blessed to have expanded the business to offer services such as; Psychology, Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, massage, Hypnotherapy and Hynobirthing through a wonderful team of associates thus enabling us to provide an all round service all under the same roof. Additionally, built excellent working relationships with local GP`s, Consultant surgeons and Osteopaths who I often refer to. I personally donate 2% of my business's profits back into the community, so by supporting my local small business you are helping us to make a difference to our community.

2017 has been an exiting year for the Herts Wellness Centre, we are proud to be one of the finalists in 2017 Best Business Women awards. This year has seen the business grow from strength to strength and mainly due to a loyal client following. in addition, working along side local GP`s and other health care professionals both within the NHS and Private sector. We aim to open a second branch in the new year.

"My aim at the Herts Wellness Centre is to ensure that we deliver a patient centered experience of excellence and ensure our valued patients are cared for compassionately. All of our treatment plans are evidence based and we work with both the patient and other health care professional involved in your treatment, enabling us to get the best possible results for you and your loved ones".